Simple developer tools for data privacy.

evervault is privacy.

Build better products quicker. We take care of authentication and data processing for your users while preserving their privacy.

Instant authentication in one line of code.

evervault auth

Give your users a beautiful sign in experience while ensuring their anonymity.
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Forget about databases.

evervault storage

Store encrypted data in evervault storage, all through JavaScript. Access user data across the stack on the backend, in cages, or the browser.
evervault cage:deploy script.js (1/3) Uploading... (2/3) Building... (3/3) Deployed! You can run your cage at curl \ -X POST --data "enc:v1:d2UncmUgaGlyaW5nIPCfmI4=" { "distance": 0.453284357 } It's that easy!
Process encrypted data.

evervault cages

Deploy your source code to evervault cages and process encrypted data on demand.
Integrate in 3 easy steps.
Simply import privacy.js
  • 1
    Sign up for a free developer account
  • 2
    Create an app in the dashboard
  • 3
    Include privacy.js in your application

Pragmatic Privacy Manifesto

We think about privacy a lot. So we wrote a manifesto for how we think the world should think about it.

evervault auth helps you build better apps.

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Increase conversion rates and reduce friction.
Integrated 2FA

Forget about the pain of implementing two-factor authentication.
evervault storage

Store data for your users from the browser, backend or cages. It's all encrypted.
Build your entire app on evervault

Integrations for everything you can imagine

We're building the internet infrastructure for privacy.

SDKs for every framework

Our framework list is growing day by day.

One-click integrations

We're building integrations for all of your favourite services like Netlify, Zeit, Gatsby.js and more.

Integrate privacy in 5 minutes.

Create a developer account and install our SDK.

It's that easy.